How to become a top wordpress develpoer

How To Become A Top WordPress Developer

If you are living in this technological era you might have definitely come across the word ‘Word Press’ quite often. This is a free and open-sourced CMS (Content Management System) based on PHP and MySQL. WordPress is highly popular because of its flexible framework that meets the demands of users. With this, developers and designers are able to create and modify layouts and applications according to the client’s needs.

The earlier phase of WordPress started as just a blogging system but, now this web content managing system has grown enough to manage a whole website. The theme storage allows to pick out the best and suitable themes that will go with your content and reputation. It also allows adding complex business features from WordPress plugins to your website without hiring a professional coder. The catchiest feature of WordPress is that it’s available for anyone. It’s not necessary for you to be a professional coder to get your hands on this. Being over more than 10 years old in the market it has been undergoing a lot of testing and updates to make it simpler and more understandable. The interface is easy enough and the content editor has WYSIWYG interface.

To know how to use WordPress and to become a top WordPress developer are both different scenarios. Just with YouTube tutorials and books, you can’t consider yourself as a WordPress developer.

So, what must one do to become a high-rated developer? This is a question you might come across all the time. And we do have a solution!! So right now we’ll categorize developers into two: The guys who’ve been using WordPress for a bit, and the ones who’ve been making a living in similar fields and wants to cross over to work with WordPress. Which one of these are you? This article will help you by giving you tips for polishing your WordPress skills regardless of the aforementioned category you fall in.

Polishing your basics

Regardless of being a trainee or a person who’ve been working on WordPress for a while, the first point we would suggest is to polish your basics. Everything starts with the basics and once that’s strong your foundation for building your dream empire will be way easier. As for the basics, the main engine is coded in PHP and all the database on MySQL. Stylesheets written in CSS and the templates which are handled by both HTML and PHP along with the front-end JavaScript are all to be well brushed and polished. A bit of lag in any of these languages will definitely lag your mastery in WordPress.

Relegate the Imposter Syndrome

Most of you must be new to this medical term. So let us make it clear. Imposter Syndrome is a state of mind where you are achieving success and gaining a reputation in something but in your head, you would feel you haven’t earned it and at some point, you would be unmasked as an imposter. In a profession such as a web design and development, where there is a lot of competition and no criteria objective, it’s easy to suffer from an Imposter Syndrome. To forge or mold a career in WordPress, you must start to believe in your own ability or ability to learn. Only with confidence, you can overcome this syndrome. So once this is out of mind you are halfway there.

WordPress Theme Engine Knowledge

As a developer it is most important to know the theme directory you’ll be provided with the WordPress Theme Engine. The thing you must note down is that this platform is flexible enough in design to accommodate anything from basic skins to any high-end frameworks. Having a better knowledge in the theme engine will always aid in your decisions to pick out the most suitable theme according to the client needs. Same goes for the widgets and plugins too.

Learning how to code widgets and plugins is the next steps you can take as a WordPress developer. Widgets are contents and features that can be added to the theme sidebars whereas plugins extend the functionality of the WordPress.

WordPress and SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has been a major factor in the digital marketing strategy for a long time. SEO – The most effective and reliable strategy for any business. If you know how to utilize SEO accordingly along with WordPress there is no doubt that you will stand out from the crowd. This is really going to be a headache. But the end results would take you a step closer to being a top WordPress developer.

In the end, becoming a WordPress professional is going to cost you. It might not be financially but definitely on time and energy consumed. Don’t lose hope and keep the urge to gain more knowledge. The results can’t be seen overnight. Practice, Practice, and Practice. These should be the words that should mumble in your head.

So, are you up for it?