why we need seo in 2018

Why We Need SEO in 2018

No one can deny the fact that digital presence of any business is mainly dependent on SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Whether you sell a pin or a plane, the chances of visitors landing up on your website are directly proportional to SEO strategies. Have you ever wondered how can someone discover you while sitting thousands of miles away? If you feel it’s obviously the INTERNET then think again! Because the real reason is SEO! There are millions of business listings on search engines like Google. Why will someone choose you over them? Well, the first step to increase your online business is attracting the potential clients to your website and optimizing your business website. Want to know how? Here is why we need SEO in 2018…

Why SEO?

Earlier, there was a period of a downfall for many businesses as the ‘keyword’ stuffing game plan failed miserably and SEO was being criticized by leading marketing experts. However, if you look precisely into the matter, you will get to know that it was the phase when internet industry was on the boom. In addition to that, the audience is becoming smarter day-by-day and they only click and read the content which is highly relevant to their search query. Despite that, SEO still sways the digital market and the reason is –

  • Business Credibility Recent statistics depict that 92 % of the global users rely on Google for searching their needs. Therefore, the higher your website ranks, the higher will be the chances of business growth.
  • Valuable Traffic GenerationOptimizing your website can have a positive impact on not just local but also global users. SEO helps in generation of valuable traffic. An international survey has stated that nearly 35 % of the small businesses have experienced a massive growth merely due to sound SEO strategies.
  • Worldwide Active UsersIn modern times, the number of active internet users has increased noticeably. Whether you like it or not people are constantly talking about your business, and giving reviews about it, positive as well as NEGATIVE! Nobody will trust a website flooded with negative reviews. So, if you want to be in good books of your users, you have to take help of the SEO!

Is SEO Still Relevant in 2018?

A big YES! Directly or indirectly, SEO does help in raising the return on investment (ROI) bar. To-the-point content written in a stupendous flow can do wonders. There’s no doubt that high-quality content is very important. But it’s equally important that it gets discovered by pertinent users. This is why the practice of SEO has risen tremendously over past few decades and most of the marketers including the big brands happily invest their money in SEO campaigns. But there’s a twist in the story. Google, which is one of the biggest search engine platforms in the world, keeps on changing their search protocols. Therefore, it’s necessary to keep a tab on the new Google updates and search algorithms.

Changes that Google Has Brought in SEO ‘Game’

New Year, New Beginning! Well, this goes for SEO too! This year, Google has come up with an interesting update, which is named as the Maccabees Update. The following changes have been made by Google in its algorithm to meet requirements of their valuable users.

  • Length of Featured Snippets Understanding the demands of their users, Google has decided to increase the length of the featured snippets. However, John Mueller from Google has confirmed that the length has nothing to do with SEO rankings but it does affect the ratio of clicks on your website. Therefore, you can change your snippets and make it more engaging. Otherwise, Google will by default manage the task for you by taking relevant content from the posts on your website.
  • Google Assistant and Voice Search GuidelinesGoogle has published a set of protocols related to voice searches. Voice search market is expected to grow unbelievably in upcoming years. Therefore, Google has set some parameters that can help third parties to see where they stand in terms of quality. Mainly, Google wants them to cover basic points such as clear pronunciation and precise answers to provide overall good user experience.
  • Mobile-First IndexGoogle has updated its SEO starter guide and the main highlight of this guide is mobile-first index policy. It is important for people to make their website mobile-friendly as most of the searches that show up in Google come from mobile.
  • Rich Result Testing ToolGoogle has introduced a tool known as ‘Rich Result Testing Tool’. It helps in evaluation of your website with respect to its appearance and the type of content. Currently, it only works for recipes, jobs, movies, and courses websites. However, Google will expand its horizons in the near future.
  • Google Fred ExtensionTraffic from your website may go down if your website aims at earning money through a black-hat technique called ‘aggressive monetization’. Aggressive monetization mainly refers to the tactics that are intentionally employed just to earn money through user’s click. If your website has too many ads, irrelevant contents which are merely stuffed to attract users and it doesn’t satisfy need of the users, your website will face bad consequences.
  • Keyword PermutationsWebsites that are using multiple long-tail keywords have to quit the practice as the Maccabees Google Update do not support multiple keywords that indicate the same thing. Your website will be considered to be as of low-quality if it falls under such category.

How will SEO Impact the Market in 2018?

We have rounded up the top 5 trends which are expected to dominate SEO industry in the year 2018.  Understand them carefully to win the digital marketing game this year!

  1. Featured SnippetsIt has been observed that users mainly prefer to click on the website whose meta-description or snippet matches their expectation. Therefore, featured snippets that include quality keywords can act as fuel for expansion of your business. Make sure you use appropriate snippets.
  2. Quality VideosThere’s an adage; ‘Sell the sizzle, not the streak!’ which clearly implies that people do get attracted to the things they see. No matter how good your product is, if it’s not marketed in a proper way, your business will suffer! And nowadays, videos are trending all over social media. Marketing experts reveal that videos can actually help businesses to grow rapidly. You can make innovative videos to attract your customers. Don’t beat around the bush and make original and interesting videos that highlight merits of your product.
  3. Optimize for Voice SearchEveryone is addicted to their smartphones. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that we all are dependent on cell phones to do most of our routine tasks. So, if you haven’t already, this would be the right time to optimize your website for voice search. The reason is, voice search market has almost doubled in last few years and it’s going to be the next big thing in the world of digital marketing.
  4. Online Shopping via MobileJeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon, became the richest man in the world in 2017. We all know that Amazon is the biggest online shopping destination. The fact that Bezos is ruling the money game is quite simple. It is because people are aware of the quality products that are being sold on Amazon and within the reach of worldwide users. It’s high time that you too implement SEO tools and make your website mobile friendly!
  5. Artificial IntelligenceInternet industry has drastically changed over these years. There’s no fixed pattern of the searches that Google receives from millions of their users. Earlier, it was not so complicated. However, today’s scenario is totally different. You cannot predict what kind of searches are going on and the only way is to understand artificial intelligence. You need to stay updated with the latest trends in market and prepare your strategies accordingly.


SEO plays a lead role in enhancing customer experience. Right SEO techniques can help you get genuine traffic and eventually boost your business. You can retain your customers by emphasizing more on search engine optimization.