10 Rules of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is an umbrella term for the marketing of products or services using digital technologies, mainly on the Internet, but also including mobile phones, display advertising, and any other digital medium.

So we see the search engine marketing, search engine optimization, content automation, social media optimization, e-books are commonly used with the growing advanced technology. For the success of your work on social media you need to follow these Rules of Digital Marketing to get better results.

Rules of Digital Marketing

  1. Do Experiment
    Online is the best place for you to experiment with new ideas that brew inside your heads. It does not cost you a big amount that you usually waste on follow-up calls to find out whether your new idea works better than the previous one. You just have to publish a post and track its results. You can explore possibilities as you develop marketing strategies for your website.
  2. Build Connectivity
    Keep connected to technological development, new tools and apps of technology that are recently used for marketing. Building connectivity with your audience ensures you to go a long way. Know your audience before you present them something of their interest, passion, opinions.
  3. Be a Good Listener
    Let others talk about themselves. It is your responsibility to make the other person feel important and this is possible if you talk in his/her interest. Along with changes in digital marketing, even your audience keeps on changing. Only after keeping Rules of Digital Marketing in mind you must proceed further with digital marketing.
  4. Wind Up a Story
    Engage your users in a story. It does not matter what you present to your users rather, you must segregate everything and present it in a form of story so that your audience loves it.
  5. Don’t Stop Learning
    Since digital marketing is developing every day, you need to keep yourself updated and for this you need to learn. Be keen to learn and ask questions. You need to find new opportunities for your brand so that you can leverage its value.
  6. Website Visual Appearance
    Visuals mediums have gained enormous popularity today, so you come to see Instagram, Facebook etc is in vogue. Only the beauty of your content does not matter. But at the same time your website’s visual appearance needs to be compelling so that it engages more and more audience.
  7. 80/20 Rule
    You must follow the 80/20rule for around 80% of the clients will not take much interest in your marketing efforts while the left out 20% of them will spend time to look at your website. At this point of time, you have to focus on that returnable 20% scale and see to it that they bring you recursive business.
  8. (SEO) Search Engine Optimization
    SEO is nothing but tweaking your website so that it ranks in the top of the search result page of various search engines. This is considered as one of the cost effective marketing strategies that helps to bring more and more crowd to your website.
  9. (SEM) Search Engine Marketing
    SEM involves various paid methodologies to bring traffic to your business. And so this is called Paid Search Marketing method. Amongst various platforms the popular ones in the list are Google AdWords and Bing Ads. Not only this has the Search Engine Marketing also included Paid Social Advertising, Search Re-targeting, Mobile marketing etc.
  10. (SMM) Social Media Marketing
    The Social Media Marketing brings traffic to your business/ website through social sites like Google+, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook etc. Here you need to customize content for various social media platforms. And yes, your SMM efforts can be beneficial for branding and bringing sales for your business.


Always be ready to adapt to changes in digital marketing is a dynamic medium. Hope these Rules of Digital Marketing help to drive your business well. If you like this article then share this with your friends and colleagues.

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