Importance of social media in digital marketing

Importance of Social Media in Digital Marketing

If you think you can run your business smoothly just the way billionaires like Paul Getty and Howard Hughes did without using social media, you will surely fall in the virtual ‘black hole’ of marketing! This generation is very different and you need to brush up your marketing skills to stay in the competition. Internet users are growing at a warp speed every year and social media industry is booming like never. According to top businessmen across the world, social media marketing is the next big thing which will dominate the market. If you haven’t given a thought to social media marketing, it’s time to take a quick action.

Digital marketing is all about building your brand, selling your products and providing satisfactory customer experience via web in order to achieve the business goals. And social media acts as a mediator that connects target audience to the company in a hassle-free way and thus helps in the leverage of business. This article will help you understand the importance of social media in digital marketing…

Role of Social Media in Digital Marketing

Social media strengthens the relationship between you and your existing customers and opens a door for attracting new customers. Social media is basically a term given to a series of the web or online channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and many more. These channels serve as a pathway to make your brand stand out in the market. You can easily reach your audience and understand where you stand in the market. The following points elaborate the role of social media in digital marketing.

Get Up close to the Target Market

Social media is the best platform for interacting with common people and understanding what they want out of your brand. For example, you have a toothpaste brand and you are spending loads of money in digital marketing. You have an experienced team of digital marketing professionals who try their best and come out with interesting ideas. Despite all this, the return of interest (ROI) of your brand is much lesser. In such instances, social media can help clear the mud and give you the honest reason. You can actually see read and analyze the views of target market via social media channels and improve the loopholes.

Drive Targeted Traffic

Interesting social media posts and videos can be very helpful in driving the targeted traffic. Recent statistics show that around 2.46 billion people are active on social media and this ratio is expected to cross 3 billion by the end of 2021. This clearly depicts how powerful social media can be in escalating your business! Just keep in mind to create original, crisp and unique content and everything else will fall into place.

Open Communication and Trust Building

Social networking sites allow you to look after any disputes or complaints of the customers immediately. One of the biggest reasons why people stop using a certain brand is because they are unsatisfied with the quality of the product. Imagine a situation where a customer gets a defective piece of the product which he was using for many years. Well, it’s an accidental case and can happen to anyone. But if he asks you for a solution and you fail to reply, he will surely abandon your product. However, if your team replies immediately, you will win the heart of a loyal customer and he will surely give positive remarks which in return may attract new buyers.

Better SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays a leading role in generating great business. Social networking can act as a catalyst in changing your SEO game. Social media communication depends on the company as well as the customers. The hack is, if you earn more positive customer’s feedback on your social media channel, you will automatically rank in the top Google searches. In this way, social media can help improve your SEO too!

Create Brand Awareness

Creating brand awareness among masses is the key to make and retain your customers for a long run. Social media works as ‘word of mouth’ marketing. The more people know about your brand, the more business will happen. And the plus point is, you don’t need to spend a penny for creating social media accounts on different platforms. They are absolutely free of cost. The only thing you need is good content.

Improved Brand Loyalty

A report by Texas Tech University has stated that companies who are engaged in social media marketing will experience higher brand loyalty from their customers as compared to others. Therefore, you can use social media as a tool to achieve desired outcomes and stay ahead of your competitors.

More Opportunities to Convert

Whenever you update an interesting new status, a picture of your product or any video, it increases the probability of customer landing on your website’s page and eventually buying a product. Consistent interaction is necessary to let the customers know what you have to offer.

Improved Customer Insight

To succeed in your business, you have to analyze what people actually need and whether your product is fulfilling their needs. But certainly, you don’t have much time to interact with each and every buyer of your product. But the way people comment on your posts can reveal so many things. Just take out your time and observe the pattern of how people react to your posts and product links.

Great Customer Experience

Even if your conversion rate is slow, don’t give up on social media marketing. Keep a watch on what your competitors are doing and try to come out with improved content. Give a brief idea about the product as well as the additional services that you provide and surely your efforts won’t go in vain. Slowly, people will start recognizing and investing in your brand.

How Can Social Media Help Boost the Business of Startups and MNC’s?

Case 1 – Startups

Social media marketing can help build a trustworthy brand and help startups to get recognized in the market. Money making is obviously a part of the business, but the main aim of startups is to create awareness of their brand among people. Once a brand becomes well-known among common people, business is bound to increase with time. However, investing much money in marketing is one of the major issues that start-ups usually face. Social media can solve this problem and help them stand fearlessly in front of big MNC’s.

Case 2 – MNC’s

MNC’s obviously generate good ROI as compared to small startups. But it doesn’t mean they don’t need social media marketing. Making new customers is easy when you have a quality product. However, retaining your customers is a difficult task as your competitors are constantly striving to win the rat race. Therefore, consistent social media marketing is necessary in this case too.

The only way to indulge in successful social media marketing is to engage the audience with great content and come out with interesting campaigns from time to time. It will help you to connect with the audience and stay ahead in the competition.

Reasons You Need Good Social Media Strategies

Here are top 5 reasons why your company needs to have good social media strategies.

The Growth of Social Web  

The total number of people accessing social media sites via mobile has increased nearly by 60% in the past couple of years.

Active Customers on Social Sites

The decision to buy a certain product is influenced by social media. Therefore, you need to create a strong presence on social sites.

Enhancing Your Reputation

Customer’s rating has become an integral part of any business. The reputation of your brand can be destroyed in seconds by negative feedbacks of your customers. Therefore, stay alert and keep a tab on what people have to say via social media platforms.

Beating Your Competitors

Your competitors can steal your traffic by engaging the audience through attractive content. Therefore, you need to stay updated and plan good strategies to stay a step ahead of your competitors.

Generate More Sales

Constant interaction with customers, great-quality content, and genuinely positive reviews of customers are the key factors that can help you attain the ultimate aim of your business – sales generation.

To summarize –

Here is a summary of the best ways through which you can increase your business via social media marketing.

Value-Oriented Content

Always focus on sharing value-oriented content. You need to follow the 4Rs of creating good quality content- Relevance, Reliability, Rich and Real – to retain your customers. For example, if you are selling a product which is not tested on animals and is eco-friendly, make sure to highlight this fact whenever you write anything. Your customers won’t go anywhere if you make them feel proud to be associated with your brand.

Creative and Appealing Visuals

Pictures do have an influence on the mind of the customer. So, keep sharing good quality pictures and creative videos related to your products. It will effortlessly increase the probability of selling your product.

Emotional Connect

Every brand has a persona. Your customers will stay will you for a long-term if you make an emotional connection with them. All you have to do is to make your customers feel special. You can start it by personally replying to their queries or posting relevant heart-touching content.

Stay consistent and try to implement good social media marketing techniques and you will definitely achieve the desired outcomes.