What is Social Media?

What do you mean by social media? Well, in short, social media is a broad term for sites providing you with various social actions. Social media ends finding up new search or a new result. This helps to build links supporting the search engine optimization process. People perform a number of searches at social media sites to find content as per their requirement. Social media is much more than what we post on sites like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter etc.

Break the term social media and you find the social part of it which indicates interaction with others by sharing and receiving information from them. Media is simply the medium of communication via TV, radio, internet and newspaper. To put more into it you can easily classify whether any site is social or not if it consists of the given characteristics:-


  • User profile
  • – If any site allows visitors for letting them create their profile, where they can log-in, then of course there will be social interaction with others. You can share information with others around only if you have your user account on the website.

  • Your profile page
  • – Why not begin with a profile page creation? The profile page is required for symbolizing an individual. This consists of user details like profile pic, feeds and recent activities by an individual, recommendation column etc.

  • Maintains connectivity
  • – People use their accounts to get in touch with their colleagues, followers, groups, and friends. This helps you to stay connected with individuals you have met during your school and college days too.

  • News feed
  • – While people connect together, they are actually asking others to share information. And the same information once updated for you in real time acts as news feed.

  • Customize as per the user requirement
  • – Social media allows its users to customize their profile settings as per the way they like it to be. It is entirely up to you to make yourself visible to the public or just to your connections/ circle-family, friends, relatives, colleagues etc.

  • Sites giving users timely notifications
  • – Now-a-days usually most of the apps or sites give notifications so as for timely updates. It is totally up to you whether you allow these notification updates to flow in your inbox.

  • Posting
  • – If a website permits you to post anything without a user’s account than undoubtedly it is social! Things you post might consist of text message, a pic or any video.

  • Like/rate
  • – People like or comment over a particular activity of yours from your profile. And this is how you express your view on certain post.

  • Rating
  • – Not only this is restricted to commenting and liking, but certain social media sites rely on circles to review and rate information that others might have used.

    This is an idea of what social media is about. If you find this article useful, do share it with your friends.