Top 10 Tips to Become a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Expert

If you are reading this article means that you know what PPC is and you wanted to know about how to become an expert in PPC.

Let’s first define PPC is just one line. PPC is a paid method of online advertising used to generate clicks/conversion to your website. This type of clicks are not organic, this is paid marketing. This is an auction-based system, whoever bids more(along with high quality score) gets the most exposure and first position in the ads.

Without wasting more time, below are the 10 tips to become a PPC expert.

PPC Expert Tips

1. Learn the Basic:
No one becomes an expert in just one day. You have to start with learning the basic. Any beginner guides help you provide basic of PPC from Google’s perspective. Plus be in touch with PPC and SEM blogs like Search Engine Journal or Search Engine Land, as these blogs provide all recents updates about Google and its effects on the digital marketing field.

2. Plan your Objective (Educate First, Sell Later)
Brand awareness is a key consideration in Consumer Behavior and Advertising strategy. You need to first educate about your brand and then sell your products. Your first step should be to make people look for your brand, if they are looking for your brand then that surely mean they are going to buy your products.

3. Keywords
There are many things that you need to plan with keyword to increase Return on Investment. Many times you think it is better to go for broad match instead of a specific keyword. However, this may not turn beneficial if many clicks on your ad and did not buyed it, as they didn’t get what they expected. So try to avoid getting wrong crowd, be focus on your keyword so that you get the clicks which get converted.

Try to add your keyword not only in the campaign, but also in the landing pages. This will also help to improve your quality score. To this make sure that you use negative keywords as well. Negative keywords may help to increase your clickthrough rate (CTR), reduce average cost-per-click (CPC), and increase return on investment (ROI).

4. Audience Targeting and Remarketing
Try to use the Customer Match option on your adwords account. With Customer Match you can target customer using their emails. You can also combine the customer match feature with Remarketing to make your ads reach to right customer when they are online. You can even now remarked yours ads depending upon the device any consumer is using. Why not study this feature and implement into your campaign.

5. Mobile PPC
It’s not that you are going to do something special with Mobile PPC. But the fact many people search more from mobile than desktop. So when you launch your campaign make sure that your website is also optimized for mobile. So don’t fail to check your “click-to-call” and landing page are also perfectly optimized for mobile. Don’t loose your conversion by missing this feature by not optimizing your website for mobile.

6. Optimizing Landing Pages
If you are in PPC field you know what a landing page is. If no, Landing page is the pages where visitors arrive after clicking your ad. Keep in mind that your homepage is never your landing page. If the user clicks the ad, he wants to go exactly to the place where he can buy directly without wasting much time. Make sure the landing page is relevant to the ad displayed in Google.

7. Conversion Tracking
You need to learn and track conversion from both Adword and Analytic. For Adwords conversion tracking works on the last click win basis and Google analytics goal tracking work by tracking the conversion through the last entrance to your website and to the actual time the conversion occurred. You must learn how to see details about conversion from these two ways.

8. Use Google Adwords Editor
IF you wanted to make your task easy, use a Google Adwords Editor. This tool helps to optimize your account, manage your campaign, ad groups and keywords in bulk. The best thing is that it also warns you about duplicate keywords and helps to upload multiple negative keywords at once.

9. Always Brush Up Your Knowledge
You need to stay updated with all the recent changes happening. You need to brush up your knowledge by reading more and more books that publish the recent updates. Be willing to grasp things that you found new and implement it after studying its positive results.

10. Become a Certified PPC Exam
After having years of experience in Adwords, why not make it a proof by taking the Google Adwords exam. This makes you a certified PPC expert. This helps you to boost yourself and prepare for more challenges ahead.

If you read till the end that means you really want to become a great PPC expert. The above 10 tips are the basic tips that every PPC expert should know about it. If you have your own tips, why not share that tip with us.