All About Zoho and It’s Features

The name Zoho isn’t alien for the business face of this world. Apart from knowing that it’s CRM software most of us don’t know what makes it special and apart from other CRM’s available in the market. So, we came up with an idea to help you guys to learn more about Zoho and its features. This article will contain all you need to know about Zoho and how feasible is having Zoho in your business. Without any delay let’s kick start this on up!!

What is Zoho?

The Zoho CRM is On-demand Customer Relationship Management software for managing your customer relations in a more professional and easy manner. Zoho CRM helps to streamline your organization’s sales, marketing, customer support, and inventory management functions right from a single system. Zoho is a free CRM software which is a great choice for businesses that are looking for a cost-effective CRM and expecting premium features and functions. While using Zoho your documents and data are securely stored in cloud and can be accessed from anywhere. This means as long as you have Internet access you can access your Zoho data from any device and enjoy a productive and convenient working experience wherever you go.

What Features Does Zoho Offer?

Zoho offers a wide range of features for it’s users. This has made it popular among startup business as they can get all the premium functions like MNC’s have in such a less price or almost nil.
Here are some of the most noticeable features of Zoho CRM:

  1. Multichannel

    Through this feature Zoho offers its users to meet or keep in touch with their customers from anywhere irrespective of the medium. They let you meet them up through phone, live chat, e-mail and even through social medias. The visitor tracking and e-mail analytics allows you to know what your customers are seeing and you can track your business accordingly. Communicate, connect and close the deal with ZOHO.

  2. Sales Performance

    For every company it’s necessary to know where did they start from and where are they now currently. Measuring and managing aren’t new words for Zoho users. Zoho offers its customers pre-built and customizable KPI’s so that you can know where you team has excelled and where are the areas you need more training. Have a record and compare you ad spending to your revenue to see how the top of funnel has affected your bottom line.

  3. Automation

    Keeping up with the work flow when your company grows bigger is really difficult. With Zoho’s automation feature you can make sure your company runs in the same momentum as the time you started. Workflows and Macros help you to automate your daily activities, while Zia your AI-powered sales assistant works for you.

  4. CRM on the Go

    Zoho has integrated themselves in your mobile and tablets also. The mobile edition of Zoho CRM gives you instant access to customer info and sales activities. This helps you to keep a record of your business even when you are travelling.

  5. Extend and Customize

    Zoho CRM is just expendable just like you. They just adapt quickly to your kind of business. Build up your database to some specific industry with custom apps and modules. The third-party integrations are just a bonus you can get from Zoho. Collect the exact information that is needed to grow your market presence and broadcast them.

  6. Enterprise Readiness

    With Zoho don’t even worry about your data getting hacked. Zoho just keeps them safe from top to bottom. The SLAs and uptime guarantees are more than enough to trust Zoho other than any other CRM’s available. Features like IP restrictions and audit logs let you keep an eye on who is accessing and what information.“Zoho supports everything I need in one place. I won’t have to search for another CRM again” – says the Deborah Main, the founder of Deborah Main Designs.

  7. Sales Productivity
    Your time is valuable and Zoho understands it very clearly. Zoho offers a feature to capture lead information directly from your website and schedule follow-up reminders for your sale team and to generate custom reports to forecasts trends.

What are the Advantages of Using Zoho?

As we are thorough the features Zoho it’s time to discuss on the advantages you get while integrating Zoho to your business.

  • Zoho offers all the modules and tools that you need to run your sales and marketing.
  •  Zoho adapts itself to you style of business and leave you awestruck at certain times.
  • No data lockup. Export and import data anytime and anywhere.
  • Customization at its peak. Zoho does exactly what a CRM should do.
  • It’s not just a CRM. They are integrated with Inventory Managements to keep a track of all your stocks and product online.
  • There are no long term contracts. You just pay as you go.
  • Pocket friendly. Zoho CRM is the only one in the market which is budget friendly and offers premium features.


The free edition of Zoho is the best for the startup businesses. If your company grows gradually in profit or if you are planning to extend your business we would recommend you to use a paid version of Zoho as the features you get are just as rich as your company. Zoho still stays at the top among its potential competitors like Salesforce, SAP etc…
Don’t think too much. Integrating Zoho will be the best decision you could take for your company.