7 Tips and Tricks for Magento Developers

Magento is a renowned outstanding open source E-commerce platform, which is now widely used by developers. This flexible and scalable platform helps develop an effective website that fulfills all the consumer and merchant requirements. The best feature of Magneto is that it updates the website automatically. With all these good features you need an expert Magneto Developer who really understands what is Magento and knows the below tips and tricks:


Editing Files
Whether you are a front end developer or backend developer, you must know the first rule of Magento that “NEVER EVER EDIT A CORE MAGENTO FILE WITHOUT BACKUP.” If want to edit it create a new theme folder on the same level as default and give it a new name. After this create a separate layout and templates folder inside the new theme folder. After this you can edit as per your requirement.

Editing Template Files
When you want to edit the default template files, make a copy of the original file and upgrade your changes in that copied theme. If all goes well with the copied theme, you can implement the changes in the original files.

Editing Layout Files
For editing the layout files you need to just create one file called local.xml and place all the new theme into the new theme layout folder.

Best GUI to Use
The best GUI for Magento development is JetBrains PhpStorm. As it has many features like PHP 5.5 support, SSH console & remote tools, improved PHP syntax coloring, Debugging and testing improvements and Support for Magento frameworks

Best Plugin
The best plugin for Magento development is PHPStorm plugin. It has many features like autocomplete for factories, documentation for xml nodes, Goto for factories and template paths, and evaluation of PHP code inside Magento environment.

Best Development Environment
The most popular IDE for Magento is PHPStorm and Netbeans. However, Magento extension like Eclipse and Zend Studio are also very popular.

Never Stop Learning
A great Magento Developer never stops learning. There are many websites that provide all the recent updates about Magento development. Always stay connected to the Magento official website for recent updates and changes. Along with learning new things prepare for Magento certification exam. This will add stars to your career.

After knowing these tips, you must be willing to learn Magento as Magento as has following unavoidable benefits that will make you learn Magento:

  • Easy to install
  • Easy to add addition theme, layout and plug-ins
  • A great open source technology
  • Flexible and scalable E-commerce solution
  • Has more than 50 payment gateways
  • Provide various promotion discounts during checkout.

These are the basic tips and trick that every Magento Developer must learn. If you have more tips and tricks that are missed by us, why not leave a comment below and add a value in sharing knowledge with others.

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