8 Most Important SEO Tips for all Websites

The SEO world has tremendously changed today. But the basic principles remains unchanged. Driving more traffic to your blog is the fundamental requirement. To increase the visibility of your website you need to know certain  essential tips so as to improve its ranking. These simple tips are as follows :-



  1. Page speed– Users have shared their bad experience with reference to the page speed. Certainly not many of them return to the same website if the browser is not able to display their search in less time. So, page speed is referred as the page load time; your browser should not take much time to receive information from the web server as you might be at the risk of loosing your audience.


  1. Link to grow-Linking to other blogs is important for you to grow. Linking to unrelevant things is simply a bad idea as crowd might divert from your page. Do link to grow, of course smartly. You must encourage trustworthy sites to link to your website for inbound links are essential even today. Getting a combination of the dofollow and nofollow link is equally important. Backlink is just a part of the good link. A good link profile on the other hand contains no spammy links.


  1. Content is the king– Content is the soul of any website. Try to make it user friendly. For more people to link to you naturally, create more and more useful content. You must try to balance the writing for it has to be social as well as meaningful. Make your content in such a way that is it easy for your users. Only if your users find your content plain and simple they can easily connect with it. What is important to you is your users should try to build a connection with your website. Keep people in mind that you are writing for and not Google.


  1. Use web analytics – It is these web analytics software that can help you to track your success. This is how you come to know where your users are moving or whether they are navigating away from your website. Be ready with this software even before the first visitor to your website.


  1. Make use of uncommon meta-tags– The HTML elements that brief the visitors about a particular webpage is called as meta-tag. And further this meta-tag is divided into title tag and description. The title tags directs users of what a particular page is all about while the meta description appears below your page’s URL also called as the snippet. Using unique meta-description you can influence the visitor’s decision as it has the power to lure more and more crowd.


  1. Use meaningful URL-Capital letters simply confuse everybody. Capital letters are confusing for both, the crowd as well as the search engine . Unnecessarily you make your URL a bit harder to remember than the ones that use small letters. Google has made it clear for not to use the underscore in your URL instead a hyphen shall work. For you to get ranked high in one of the biggest search engines, you must stick to their rules. Stay away from numbers that are a part of any URL. Web crawlers are programs and not humans, you need to guide them in an appropriate way.


  1. The use of apt keyword-You must use the correct keyword. The importance of an appropriate keyword is while any user searches for a relevant image. Relevance is more crucial than creativity. The more relevant your keyword is, the more users you win.


  1. Frequent updating of your website-You must update your website frequently for websites with static content don’t rank higher. You come to see the difference for sites that are continuously being updated do well on search engines.


These are lists of basic SEO tips that help your website to get a better Google ranking.